First Strokes Experiences

Samirah, BHSEC

"First Strokes is an amazing opportunity to learn a new skill while being active. An added bonus is the encouraging and supportive environment made up by my fellow classmates. It made me love swimming."

Eugene, BHSEC

"First strokes has allowed me to learn how to swim before I go to summer camp this year. Finally, I will be able to swim in the lake!"

Yairi, BHSEC

"After participating in First Strokes I am not afraid to be in the water anymore because I now possess the safety skills to prevent myself from drowning. It has been amazing to learn how to swim from my high school peers, which has helped boost my confidence in the water."

Sayed, NEST

“I was afraid of blowing bubbles in the water when  the lessons first began because I was scared of going under water.  However, I now love to do bobs in the beginning of practice, and every  week I can’t wait for Tuesday to come. When I’m in the library before  the lessons I keep looking at the clock hoping it will be time to get in  the pool!”

Rebecca, BHSEC

“First Strokes has been super fun with great  energetic instructors — plus, I love swimming with my high school peers.  My swimming has definitely improved from First Strokes, and I am not as  afraid of the water as I was on the first day.” 

Naliyah, BHSEC

 “First Strokes has helped me become more comfortable in the  water. I feel really supported in my journey to be able to swim.”

Jessica, Lower East Side Prep

 “I like First Strokes because it is easy to learn to swim. My favorite part of the lessons is blowing bubbles under water. The program is a lot of fun so others should definitely join.”

John, Air Force

"I had spent the past 20 years of my life terrified of water. Between never learning how to properly swim and a near death experience as a child, the thought of aquatic activities induced an immobilizing sense of dread--one that severely limited my summertime participation. However, that has all changed thanks to Sylvie Goldner and First Strokes. After a simple series of progressive exercises, I now feel competent in the water and, for the first time in my life, can confidently consider myself a swimmer. Thank you for helping me conquer my fear Sylvie, it means the world to me!"